Vibrating Ring

দীর্ঘ সময় ধরে আপনার সঙ্গীর সাথে sex এনজয় করুন
 এবং আপনার sex মুহুর্তগুলকে আরো আনন্দদায়ক করে তুলুন।

Product Description
 Drive sex with your partner for a long time and give more enjoyable moments during sex

Advantage of using viberaing Ring:
 A vibrator ring which men wear on penis during intercourse.
 It will too much enhance female partner specially & ejaculate her.

Drive her wild with this incredible vibrating ring!
 If you’re looking for a quick jump-start that can travel with you and provide an instant sexual prowess boost,
 the Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring is the one for you!

Touch the vibrator’s button and you set off a steady pulse of power
 that’ll drive your lady’s clit wild (and give your shaft a great tingle, too!)
 and then just tap the button again to set off an automatic 9-stage chain reaction of vibration!
 The penis ring’s vibrator will spend just long enough on a variety of pulses
 and patterns to tickle, tease, and surprise you both – and then the vibrations will switch! It’s fun, it’s surprising, and oh-so-pleasurable!

ts a vibrator ring which male can wear on panis during intercourse.
 It will delay sexual timing and increase sexual enhancement ,
 It will too much enhance your female partner specially & ejaculate her.

A vibrating penis ring is similar to an erection ring except it has a small vibrator on it.
 This ring make your penis little harder and sensitive.
 It increase much more enjoyment to you and your partner during sex.

There is no size limit its universal/ flexible and no any side effect of using the vibrating ring.

How to use
 Shave your scrotum before use.
 Put ring on while flaccid. Use lubricant will help you to wear it easy.
 Turn it on when you are ready to use or turn of when you taking break.
 This can also help you to hold the condom.
 Batteries (Cell) life is not more than hour. You can change the batteries when you feel it’s low.
 Easy to change batteries

Price: 1080/- But Now Hot offer is 599/-

This product is also wholesale available
 wholesale quantity minimum 6 piece
 wholesale price is negotiable.

Vibrating Ring

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